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Competitive and innovative edge developed from the inspirations of the Swiss Modernist Style. At Pearlnoir we are the new generation of brand specialist trained and educated under the principles and structure of the Bauhaus school of design. Pearlnoir compliment the rich – design, architectural and cultural environment established through the Bauhaus principles which are widely known as one of the main influences of the modern design.

The combination of simplicity, modernity and practicality implicit in the Bauhaus style permits visionary designers to inspire, build strong recognition and deliver quality results in the domains of architecture, furniture, homeware and automotive industry. Pearlnoir can help emerging businesses to succeed through a competitive branding that suits the ever-developing environment, as well as to re-brand existing businesses with a fresh identity.

Pearlnoir specialises in Branding | Marketing | Packaging | Websites | Social-Media Marketing | Restaurant Design … delivering the highest quality service across diverse contexts and helping businesses to establish their successful brands.

OUR Services


Brand Design Agency. Bradford.Leeds.London


Marketing Agency. Bradford.Leeds.London

Pacakging Design

Pacakging Design & Print Agency. Bradford | Leeds | London

Website Design & Development

Website Design Agency. Bradford.Leeds.London

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Management. Bradford.Leeds.London

Restaurant Design

Restaurant & Store Design. Bradford.Leeds.London

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